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Meet Our Team

Jenn Brakeman, LM, CPM


My name is Jenn Brakeman. I became inspired to learn about natural childbirth early in 2007 after watching the difficult journey my sister-in-law had with the birth of her first baby. At the time I didn’t know that midwifery care existed but my passion was ignited and I began reading everything I could get my hands on.

Meet the rest of the team…

Inga Arts, LM, CPM

Founder, Head Midwife

Hi, my name is Inga Arts, LM, CPM. I am a Licensed Midwife, as well as a Certified Professional Midwife, CPM and founder of Dayspring Midwifery, est. 1997. It takes a lot of key people to really be able to give the kind of quality care and support we offer. It is our pleasure to service the families in our community in this way. Our goal is to care for healthy, low risk women through an essentially normal pregnancy and delivery.

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Amie Storm, CPM, LM

Licensed Midwife

Hi, I’m Amie Storm and I absolutely love what I get to do! My journey started when I was 18 years old and was invited to attend a home birth. Three years later I was married to my very supportive husband, and we had our son at home with a midwife. Soon to follow was our second son, and then a daughter who were also born at home. In 2008 I began an apprenticeship with a midwife and continued for over 3 years, learning all that I could about midwifery. I fell in love with it and knew that attending births was what I wanted to do. I continued as a birth doula and birth assistant for the next 5 years, taking a small break to focus on homeschooling our young children.

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Why Choose Dayspring?

  • 29 years of midwifery experience

  • 20 years of local reputation

  • Extensive, all inclusive package pricing

  • Access to essential tools and ultrasound on a daily basis

  • Birth center, Waterbirth

  • Integrity
  • Competent & compassionate staffing
  • All services (except Bradley classes, Chiropractor, and Ultrasoumd) under one roof

  • Great birth statistics, available for viewing

Look Who’s Arrived!

  • Miss Everly Kay has arrived! She weighed in at 7lbs 8oz and is 20.5 in long. She was born on 9/19/18 early in the morning. First time parents drove from over 2 hours away. Mama worked so well throughout her labor and had a wonderful water birth, it was a pleasure to be a part of.
  • On Wednesday 9/12/18 an amazing couple worked beautifully together and welcomed their baby girl into the world. Eden Rayne was born in the water as daddy helped to catch her, and she snuggled right into her mommy’s arms. Eden weighs 10lbs 5oz and is 22 1/2 in long. Her big brother was also very excited to meet her!
  • Then on 9/11, exactly 3 years after her big sister was born at Dayspring, Scarlet Lynn was born at 1:15am, weighing just 6-3. This birth was a bit more calm than her sisters, who hardly wanted to wait for the midwife. Scarlet surprised us with her size as she looked so chunky, but she was just short and compact.
  • I am so far behind... last week was a whirlwind of babies and life. Let’s get caught up. On 9/6 at 2:11am John Connell Moore was born after a very long haul for his mama. What a strong woman she is, inside and out. John weighed 8-5 and is a spitting image of his daddy. So happy to have had the opportunity to be with this family on this journey.
  • Dayspring is seeking new housekeeper/janitorial service. If you know of someone, or love your housekeeper, share this msg. Résumés can be drop off at Dayspring M-TH 9-5. Opening starts beginning of Oct. You can also PM me. Must be reliable, detailed and flexible.
  • So So true!!!!
  • This truly was a Labor Day weekend at Dayspring. We had three babies come within a little over 24hrs of each other! The first was Mr. Sebastian Dafydd Llywelyn who arrived in his parents home at 3:01am on the 2nd. He was born in his daddy’s home office as this is where mama wanted to labor most of the time. He’s a strapping 9lbs 1oz and is 22” tall. He joins his big sister who has been so helpful finding his heartbeat at appointments. She’s a little disappointed we don’t have to use the doppler anymore.
  • Only home for two hours when I was summoned to another birth. This time a first time mama, at home. Realizing that a birthpool, though wasn’t part of the birth plan, would help this labor tremendously, I scurried around town, at 3am, purchasing a new hose from Walmart and running to grab a tub from the birthcenter. These are things that make births memorable. Once back at the parents home, the tub proved to be the life saver. Tiny baby Gloria Magdalene was born into her mamas hands at 8:38am, on Labor Day morning. She weighs 6-15 and is cute as a button. So proud of this mama and her amazing Doula husband.
  • Labor Day weekend has been a great weekend for labors... 3 to be exact. I’m jumping a bit out of line as these births are piling up so I’m going to share the second baby of the weekend Lil miss sis made an 11th hour appearance as her mama was nearing 42 wks. With a little bit of persuasion she was kind to her mama and came quickly, being delivered in the water at Dayspring. Her mama caught her. Weighing 8-5 this cutie joins 2 brothers.
  • Welcome Martin Anthony, born August 24th at 9:07pm. How fun to see the looks of surprise and delight on his parents’ faces as they discovered that they had just added another BOY to their family! Martin joins two older sisters and one older brother, who have all been Dayspring babies! He weighed in at 8lbs 2oz and is 22.5” long. His mama did a beautiful job with a labor that in many ways was different than any of her others <3
  • Your baby may look like this if you miss our Discount Days at CDA Ultrasound. August 23rd and 30th! $59 for a 1st Trimester Heartbeat Ultrasound $79 for a 2D Gender Reveal (14 weeks+) $99 for a 4D Gender Reveal $149 for the 3rd Trimester 4D HD live imaging session Add ons- $5 Thermal prints(6), Jpeg images $5, Video $5. Heartbeat animals $19 and photo lockets are only $8! Must let us know you found out on FB when you call to schedule. Will book up quickly so call ASAP... 208.261.2520 Look up CDA Ultrasound on FB Like and Follow our page to be informed of our monthly specials! Visit our website for more info on our services. Www.cdaultrasound.com
  • Ok we finally have a name for this sweet girl. Amialia Grace was born Friday at 1:40pm in the tub at Dayspring with the help of her daddy and surrounded by her friends and family. It was such a joyous time!! She weighs 8lbs 7oz and is 21.5” long. She is a first baby and it was fun seeing the surprise on everyone’s face when mama announced that they have a daughter!

Keeping Birth a Natural Experience

Exploring all your options for birth? You have come to the right place.  Dayspring has many services available to you.  As you consider an out-of-hospital birth, you are taking on a greater responsibility for your own health and that of your unborn. We believe that being well informed of your options and the care you receive will help you have the best birthing experience.

We are excited that you are considering midwifery.  Our goal at Dayspring is to provide you with the best care, the least amount of technical intervention, and continual education to assist you throughout your childbearing years.

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