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Meet Our Team

Jenn Brakeman, LM, CPM


My name is Jenn Brakeman. I became inspired to learn about natural childbirth early in 2007 after watching the difficult journey my sister-in-law had with the birth of her first baby. At the time I didn’t know that midwifery care existed but my passion was ignited and I began reading everything I could get my hands on.

Meet the rest of the team…

Inga Arts, LM, CPM

Founder, Head Midwife

Hi, my name is Inga Arts, LM, CPM. I am a Licensed Midwife, as well as a Certified Professional Midwife, CPM and founder of Dayspring Midwifery, est. 1997. It takes a lot of key people to really be able to give the kind of quality care and support we offer. It is our pleasure to service the families in our community in this way. Our goal is to care for healthy, low risk women through an essentially normal pregnancy and delivery.

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Amie Storm, CPM, LM

Licensed Midwife

Hi, I’m Amie Storm and I absolutely love what I get to do! My journey started when I was 18 years old and was invited to attend a home birth. Three years later I was married to my very supportive husband, and we had our son at home with a midwife. Soon to follow was our second son, and then a daughter who were also born at home. In 2008 I began an apprenticeship with a midwife and continued for over 3 years, learning all that I could about midwifery. I fell in love with it and knew that attending births was what I wanted to do. I continued as a birth doula and birth assistant for the next 5 years, taking a small break to focus on homeschooling our young children.

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Why Choose Dayspring?

  • 29 years of midwifery experience

  • 20 years of local reputation

  • Extensive, all inclusive package pricing

  • Access to essential tools and ultrasound on a daily basis

  • Birth center, Waterbirth

  • Integrity
  • Competent & compassionate staffing
  • All services (except Bradley classes, Chiropractor, and Ultrasoumd) under one roof

  • Great birth statistics, available for viewing

Look Who’s Arrived!

  • I want to give you all an update on baby Caleb and thank you for your prayers. (Mom has given me permission to do so). As of today he is breathing on his own. Miracle when your born at 33 wks without steroids. They have weaned him off the meds he had to be on, He has come through 2 surgeries, the fluid on his brain is being slowly drained. Like I’ve said before, this little guy is a fighter... he has defied all odds. He has a long road ahead, but Praise God he HAS a road ahead. Mom and dad appreciate all the the love and prayers you have sent their way. Please don’t stop! Here’s today’s picture.
  • Wednesday held surprises like no other. Sweet baby Caleb Daniel came into this world 7 weeks early. Caleb has a long fight ahead of him, but this mighty little man is a fighter and has already beat the odds. At 3lbs 6oz he is 100% amazing. Please keep mom and family in your prayers and we will continue to believe for miracles.
  • Benjamin David arrived early Thursday morning! He weighed 7lbs 2oz and is 21 in long. He will have a lot of love with two older sisters to help take care of him! Congratulations mom and dad 🎉
  • Meet Olivia Maizey born at 12:50am on Tuesday weighing 8-15. Ya know, every mama that births her baby is a warrior mama but this mama really gave a whole new meaning to warrior. Every time I think of what she overcame to have this sweet girl, I am truly in awe!!
  • This baby just made my week! Mr Jayden Thomas made a VERY quick arrival, yesterday, 10/03 at 5:05am. He weighed 7-10. Came so fast it was fortunate to say he was born at Dayspring and not in the car. This was mama’s first baby. Welcome little man!
  • Look at these eyes!!! Meet Malachi Paxton, born at 3:18pm on September 28th. His laidback personality may be part of why he was in no rush to get here. Weighing in at 7lbs 4oz, this sweet boy is the smallest in his family so far. He joins 3 big sisters and 2 big brothers who were thrilled to welcome him home!
  • Late on the post but certainly not least. This strapping young man was born last Thur the 20th at 8:36pm weighing 8-12. His name is Canaan and he is a first baby. It was so fun watching his mama and daddy fall head over heals for him!
  • Another exciting night! Baby Clara Margaret made a fairly quick appearance on her sister and daddy’s birthday... what are the chances? Seems to be a trend around here. At 3:06am on Monday morning this cutest 6lb 1oz little girl was born at home. She came out so alert, looking around like, “what did I just do?”
  • Welcome little Shia Hartley, she was born on 9/21/18 and weighed 6lbs 8oz. She gave us one wild ride! What a beautiful family you have, we are so thankful to be a part of your birth story.
  • Another sweet baby girl born at DaySpring, Sofia Marie was born on 9/20/18 weighing 8lbs 2oz. The patience her mama has is amazing. Sofia has been long awaited by her big brother and sisters too!
  • Miss Everly Kay has arrived! She weighed in at 7lbs 8oz and is 20.5 in long. She was born on 9/19/18 early in the morning. First time parents drove from over 2 hours away. Mama worked so well throughout her labor and had a wonderful water birth, it was a pleasure to be a part of.
  • On Wednesday 9/12/18 an amazing couple worked beautifully together and welcomed their baby girl into the world. Eden Rayne was born in the water as daddy helped to catch her, and she snuggled right into her mommy’s arms. Eden weighs 10lbs 5oz and is 22 1/2 in long. Her big brother was also very excited to meet her!

Keeping Birth a Natural Experience

Exploring all your options for birth? You have come to the right place.  Dayspring has many services available to you.  As you consider an out-of-hospital birth, you are taking on a greater responsibility for your own health and that of your unborn. We believe that being well informed of your options and the care you receive will help you have the best birthing experience.

We are excited that you are considering midwifery.  Our goal at Dayspring is to provide you with the best care, the least amount of technical intervention, and continual education to assist you throughout your childbearing years.

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