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  • Yesterday I had the privilege of delivering baby #4 for a dear family. We mused how we both have given birth on April 17th. Her little man came at 7:40pm and weighed 9lbs 5oz. The birth was a family affair and absolutely beautiful. He will remain nameless for a day or two till they decide on a fitting name. He is a peaceful little thing. Congrats!
  • This has most definitely been a big baby week... not just in number... but size. Baby Lucas Eugene joined us yesterday at 1:37PM. Weighing 9-11 & 22” long. His grand appearance was reminiscent of his big brother just 18 months ago. Earlier today mom sent me side by side pics of the two of them, crazy how much they look alike. These are some cute boys. Congrats mom and dad... you guys did awesome.
  • To continue our day, our Brenda, got to witness the birth of her beautiful grandson Max Wayne born at 2:16pm. This big guy weighs 8-13 and is an absolute doll. This birth was near and dear to my heart as our families have been close for nearly 20 years. It was like delivering one of my own daughters. So proud of you mama for your hard work. Love you guys!!!
  • The dam has broken again at Dayspring with the arrival of Veah Marie born this morning at 12:34. As she emerge from her waterbirth excitement filled the room to learn she was a girl. She joins one brother who was born in the same tub/room 7 years ago. Veah weighed 8lbs 5 oz. absolutely beautiful!
  • This handsome little fella was born gently and peacefully into the water in his parents living room with the fire crackling in the background at 11:57am today. They are still in search of a name for him but he weighs 8-0 and is 21” long. It was such a joy helping this family!
  • Years ago when I first met this couple, they were young scared teenagers having their first baby. Fast forward to today I had the pleasure of helping them with their 4th baby and 1st son. I have seen this family grow and blossom into awesome adults and great parents. This has to one of my biggest joys of my job. At 11:47 this morning baby George Brandt Fred emerge from the water weighing 9lbs 8oz. This beautiful homebirth was again a good reminder why we believe in VBACs. Congrats you two and way to go mama!!
  • Then no sooner did we get home and climb into bed and got a call that Miss Keziah Rose decided it was time to come. She was born at 8:43 Sunday morning, just after her two older sisters woke up to help welcome her, gloves on and ready to get right in and assist. So fun!! She weighs 7-4 and is 21” long.
  • We sure get to help some of the most amazing families and they like to keep their birth team busy by coming one right after another ;). We started off by welcoming this little punkin Saturday night at 9:16 weighing 7-11 and 20.5” long. I think Miss Cadence Burke has already proven that she is going to be quiet feisty like her mama and aunties. She had her own opinion about how her birth day was going to be and needed a little extra convincing it was time to come out. As soon as she was born she reached out for her daddy’s finger and made everyone around her cry with joy. Welcome little one!
  • After the third trip over the pass, for this couple, baby Bjorn Matthew decided it really was time to be born. On The first day of Spring, in the middle of a busy clinic day, he was a nice extended lunch break. Born at 3:07PM weighing 10lbs 6oz. Mama did such an amazing job no one in the clinic knew he was born until they heard him cry.
  • Nothing can make you rejoice, on a Sunday morning, more than new life! At 3am I was called to the home of this laboring mom. She wanted so to have the baby before her one year old son woke up. He had other plans... he came and joined the party, cheering mom on and taking it all in. As soon as His brother Ryker Kai was born, at 7:22, he wanted to join the action. It was so beautiful! Ryker weighs 7 lbs 8oz and 21.5” long. Amazing job family! Congrats!!!