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  • When you get sleep on both ends of a night with a birth in the middle, it’s hard not to think it was just a dream. Last night was one of those dream births. Vance William was born at 2:44AM. It was a very peaceful home waterbirth while all other 7 siblings slept. Vance weighs 9 lbs 3oz and is 22” long. He is the 7th baby of the family to be born w Dayspring. Mama, your one of the most amazing women I’ve ever known!
  • I’ve never had a commercial made about us before! Sweet! Thanks Bekah!
  • She’s here!!!! Mandilynn May born this morning at 4:41. She weighs 8 lbs 4oz and is 20 3/4”. Grammy Inga couldn’t be more proud. Mama did an amazing job. Granddaughter #6 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Meet our little acrobatic tumbler... getting an early start on her career. Shiloh was born at 12:13am. She weighs 7-13 and 21”. Being baby #8 she wanted her birth to be unforgettable, and that it was. She is beautiful and mama is in love.
  • Welcome Aspen Elise! We had the privilege of welcoming this precious little one into the world, yesterday at 7:48PM. Daddy got to catch his 7 lb 12 oz, 21” bundle and mama did it like a pro! Congrats you two!!!
  • Henry Jacob, 7-0 and 20” long. The look on his face says it all, “I made you a proud happy mama didn’t I?” Henry’s birth was a home waterbirth, mama caught her own baby. A fun side note is that I had delivered 2 other babies in this house, years ago for some other people!
  • Our babies are our mama’s trophy, but if there were an extra medal to be given for hard work and endurance it would be our mama yesterday. Liam Matthew born at 11:42 Memorial Day morning, had taken his sweet ol time getting here. As a midwife he made me pull out every trick in the book. For his mother, every ounce of endurance she didn’t know she had, In the end, he arrived 8lbs 8oz with the cutest little personality. Somehow in that moment the hours of labor become a blur and love is all you know. Welcome little Liam, you are loved!
  • More from today... sorry they were late in coming 🙂
  • Today we graduate our first 6wk group postpartum. These lil gems have reached their last visit! Thanks for letting us have this special time, we will miss you all!
  • Here are some little reason families love coming to midwives.
  • With a grand view of the Silvervalley, the smell of slight spring rain, baby Lennon Ophelia made a very quick waterbirth appearance in the home of her parents. Her gender was a surprise and her parents took time to fall in love with “baby” before they peeked. It was so sweet. This chubby cheeked little girl weighed 8 lbs and arrived at 1:43 pm.
  • The week got away from me and I forgot to announce the arrival of this sweet girl! Her name is Piper Brooke and she was born last Monday at 6:22am in the water at Dayspring just like her two older brothers were. She weighs 8lbs 10oz is joining such a special family. Thanks for the honor of letting us help your little ones into this world!!