Possibly our last baby of the year… this beautiful mama, both inside and out, had this lovely baby girl, early this morning after a very long..

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It has been a baby baby week. I have had the pleasure of helping one of our newest Midwives, Krista, with 2 beautiful births and then…. Mr…

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It was a beautiful day. My 5th granddaughter made a very speedy arrival. Birth is amazingly wonderful, but to deliver children’s children…..

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A big welcome to Kaizer James who was born last night! His mama worked diligently throughout her labor and had a lovely water birth. He weighs..

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Another Fedx pkg… goodness!! This lil gal decided not to let her mama go a day over due. Not able to make it to the birthcenter, we had to..

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Another sweet stork package has arrived. Miss Elsie Jane Victoria was born at home in the wee hours of the morning. This little one was 6lbs..

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I guess the dam has broke it is baby time again at DaySpring. Yesterday, 11/15 we welcomed this little fella. Meet baby Oliver, 7lbs 9oz, born..

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First time parents welcomed their new baby boy Caleb James on 11/14/17. Mama was happy to have a nice gentle water birth at DaySpring.

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Dayspring Midwifery

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Callie Joy is our newest addition. First born… today at 11:38am. This slight peanut is going to be her mama’s pride and joy. Congrats on..

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And last, but hardly least, yesterday brought this strapping young man, Joel Edward weighing 8-14! He’s already trying to live up to his stately..

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Early Wednesday morning, 10/18, we helped welcome Avilene James into the world. She, also weighed 7lbs 12oz. This seems to be a popular weight..

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It’s been another busy week at Dayspring. Time to play catch up. Late Sunday night on 10/15/17 we welcomed Miss Ava Charlotte into the world,..

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Welcome Gideon Mitchell born Tuesday morning just after midnight weighing 8-2. His mama is one strong lady as she pulled out a huge helping of..

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Yesterday finished off by baby #2 arriving at a little before 7:00pm. Healthy, beautiful baby boy. Zachery (spelling yet to be determined) was..

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Well if you have seen KREM 2 news today, you may have seen that life is never boring. While waiting on one laboring mama, I got called to another..

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Oh I do love 2nd babies… it so fun to see the relief, excitement and joy of Mom and Dad when this experience is so much quicker and easier..

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We always talk about how 3rd babies can throw mamas for a loop. This little fella did just that arriving just in the nick of time. We thought..

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Brenda and I did some housecleaning today… I came across the listing for the clinic before I bought it…WOW

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Hey all you fans of midwives. On September 14th we have our Statewide Midwifery Conference. I am in charge of collecting items for the raffle..

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Dayspring now offering the out of hospital birth experience to all low risk mothers. We are now accepting insurance and ID state Medicaid. Call..

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Welcome Ethel Lilly. Arrival just 9 minutes into the 31st. Weighing 9-0, Ethel was born in the water at Dayspring. She joins her big sister…

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