Meet our Extended Team…

Dr. Laura Steininger, DPT, CAPP-OB

Inland Pelvic Health & Physical Therapy

Laura Steininger, DPT, Owner

Physical Therapist

Inland Pelvic Health & Physical Therapy specializes in treating women and men with pelvic pain &

Pamela Anain, CPNP-PC, MSN, BSN

Pamela, is a nurse practitioner specializing in pediatrics, now providing in home care.  She provides care for children ages birth to 21.  Accepting cash and Medicaid payments only.

We are so happy to welcome Pamela to our community. Her philosophy of providing home based healthcare aligns with your choice of using midwifery care. She is available for appointments either in your home or at DaySpring.

Dr. Chelsea Pearson D.C.,F.I.C.P.A

Dr. Rick Thomas, Life Chiropractic

Rick has been a life saver to many laboring women.  We suggest chiropractic treatment throughout pregnancy to keep the spine aligned and the uterus  from constraint, allowing baby to descend properly into the pelvis.

Occasionally Dr. Rick is called upon when labor stalls. For Shelia, labor stalled at 8cm for hours. After trying everything to keep labor going, we called in Dr. Rick .  After a quick adjustment the baby delivered within 10 minutes.  Dr. Rick hadn’t even left the building.

Click here to view Life Chiropractic Center’s website.  Dr. Thomas also has good resources on vaccinations.

Dr. Henry Kornegay

First Steps Chiropractic

Dr. Henry Kornegay is a neurologically based chiropractor at First Steps Chiropractic in Hayden, Idaho with a special focus on pregnancy, pediatrics and family specific chiropractic care. His mission is to help others connect with what matters most and since 2017 Dr. Henry Kornegay has been passionately helping his community in North Idaho. He has advanced training in the Webster Technique as well as in cranial sacral adjusting. This provides him with special knowledge and insights into pregnancy and pediatric Chiropractic. He also trains and mentors with the most prominent pediatric Chiropractors in the country on a regular basis. At his office, First Steps Chiropractic, he uses NASA published state of the art technology to assess each individual’s nervous system. He is then able to provide each person who walks through the door a comprehensive and complete understanding of their spine, nervous system, health concerns and their nervous system’s ability to adapt to stress.

Katrina Susca, RN, IBCLC

Lactation Consultant

Hi, I am Katrina Susca RN, IBCLC.  I have been a pediatric nurse since 2005 and started working in lactation in 2014.  I became passionate about supporting and encouraging moms with breastfeeding during my breastfeeding journey with my oldest child in 2008.  I have been blessed to be married to my high school sweetheart husband for 20 years.  He happens to also be a pediatric RN and a huge breastfeeding advocate, he even helped me latch our oldest for the first time.  He was my rock during my 3 Bradley Method, doula assisted, natural births and my cheerleader as I breastfed our 3 children.  We are so blessed to be living our homesteading dreams as a family with our goats, chickens, pigs, and horse here in beautiful North Idaho.

Breastfeeding is very natural, but doesn’t always come naturally.  That’s where I come in, to help support you throughout your breastfeeding journey.  I want to help you write a beautiful breastfeeding story, and support you to meet your breastfeeding goals.