• Initial visit – Prenatal visit, history taking, introduction to your care at DaySpring and your medical portal, questions & answers

  • Prenatal care throughout your pregnancy, individual appointments and/or group prenatals

  • 20 week ultrasound with CDA Ultrasound

  • Initial visit to one of our 3 contracted chiropractors

  • Initial visit to Dr. Laura Steininger, pelvic physical therapist

  • Ultrasound machine access, as needed

  • (5) 1 hour massages with one of our 3 massage therapists

  • One home visit, if planning to deliver at home

  • A birth preparedness class
  • Birthing supplies
  • Waterbirth supplies (waterbirth tubs w/ endless hot water at birthcenter, birthing pool and pool kit, for homebirth)

  • Herbal bath for mom and baby
  • Labor and birth assistance, which in most cases includes 1 midwife and 2 assistants

  • Hearing Screen, Metabolic Screen, Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD) screen for baby

  • First postpartum visit done in your home

  • Maternal follow up care throughout 6 weeks postpartum
  • Well baby checks throughout the 6 weeks postpartum period, Group Postpartums available

  • Breastfeeding assistance

  • All medications, if necessary, including IV therapy if used during birth

  • Midwife availability, by phone, 24/7 throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period

  • Preservative free Vitamin K for baby available

Package Options

Dayspring Packages

Elite Maternity Package


This package includes everything in the list above, plus:

Dayspring Packages

Elite Maternity Plus Package


This package includes everything in the list above, plus:

  • Bradley Childbirth Classes with Jennifer Bookamer, AAHCC – 10 week class
  • Doula Support
Dayspring Packages

Late Transfer of Care


  • This package covers GBS screening, remaining prenatal care, labor, delivery and all postpartum care. It also covers all the newborn screens available

  • It does not provide discounts on any other service items. This package is for clients transferring late in care, 30wks+, and have had all prenatal testing and ultrasound.

Additional fees may arise should any of the following be needed or requested and not included in package:

Additional lab work, not on above list, should it become necessary (prices vary based on test)

  • RhoGam for Rh- moms
  • Additional ultrasounds
  • Additional Prenatal Massage
  • Additional LaStone Massage
  • Bradley Childbirth classes, if not included in your package
  • Doula Services, if not included in your package
  • Birth Photographer
  • Any necessary consultation visits to a doctor
  • Medical costs should transport be necessary

Complete your payment schedule by your 30th week of pregnancy and take another $300 discount off the above package price!

Repeat clients take an additional $300 discount off package prices